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Otsuki Tax & Accounting

Tokyo, Sumida-Ku
Midori 1-6-12
Luna-Grande I 2F
TEL :03-3631-3617
FAX :03-3632-5955
URL :http://www.otsuki-tax.jp/

Your Questions

Q. How can a professional accountant benefit me?
A. Corporate and Individual Business alike can benefit from professional Tax / Income Tax reporting, and calculations for your end of fiscal year Tax obligations.
Additionally, we provide advice on the tax and management aspects of starting a business, and consulting on tax-saving.

Q. What are the strengths and characteristics of Otsuki Tax & Accounting?
A. We treat our clients as a family member and take their problems to heart. Our staff are attentive and dedicated to providing advice not only on finance and tax but also on other business issues.

Q. Do you perform Management guidance and consultation?
A. Of course we do. We do our utmost to support sound and lean corporate management, to ensure the continued health and prosperity of your business.

Q. Are there any conditions for an advisory contract?
A. We believe mutual trust is the most important condition because we must analyse the confidential information of your company. We appreciate partners who can build trust in our relationship and develop with us.

Q. I want to start a business. Can you assist with a Business Plan and other advice?
A. We'd be happy to.
The establishment of a corporation, or an individual enterprise alike. Even the estimation of Annual Turnover.
Capital estimation to get the business up and running, estimation to secure profitability, your future vision and such. We will plan it with you.
As we understand you may have many hopes and concerns, we will lend our full support to see you through to your goals.

Q. Even if our location is far from Otsuki Tax & Accounting, can you still help us?
A. Put simply, we don't refuse anybody just because they are far from us.
In fact, we have quite a few valued clients who are well out of our general area.
With the advent of the Internet and other communication technologies, it has become easy to communicate at length.
If you'd like to confirm our availability to service your needs, or have other queries, please feel free to ※Contact Us※

Q. As I am Independent/Self-Employed at the moment, what are the merits of incorporation?
  1. Your income will become a deductible expense of the business.
  2. There is no Business tax placed upon the remuneration of the Director.
  3. The business will be exempt from Consumption Tax, for 2 years following incorporation.

Q. Is it possible to arrange a visit to your office?
A. No problem whatsoever. We can respond flexibly to your requests, as we understand there may be confidential or sensitive issues.

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