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Our Services

Our Core Services

General Accounting
Tax Accounting
Business Start-Up Support
Tax Planning and Reduction Strategies
Business Consulting

General Accounting

Book-Keeping Advice
Monthly Balance Sheet Reports
General Ledger Accounting
Management Analysis and Planning
Chief Book-keeping Objectives
  • Equip Management with a firm understanding of current administrative and financial states
  • Tax Reduction
  • Tax Payment
  • Information Disclosure
Whenever a company earns a profit, there is, of course, an obligation to pay taxes. However, you don’t need to waste money in unnecessary tax payments. Otsuki Tax & Accounting has a team of experts in taxation and accounting. We are ready to assist you with technical advice on issues such as cash-flow management. We offer total planning so that your management conditions can be clearly visualized.

Taxation Services

Preparation of Local or Corporate Tax Declarations
Individual Tax Return Preparation
Consumption Tax Declarations
Preparation of Obligatory Reports for Year-End Adjustment
Attend Tax Audits

Business Start-Up Support

When starting a business we can often hear "I didn't know that, so I lost money".
  • I didn't know that exemptions from Consumption Tax were possible, according to the amount of Capital.
  • I didn't know that, according to the accounting period, the period of Consumption Tax Exemptions is extensible.
  • I didn't know that I could receive a Tax Return.
  • I didn't know that there are cases when it's more beneficial to be an Individual Enterprise than a Corporation.
In order to avoid these situations and other "I didn't know" disasters, Otsuki Tax & Accounting can support you from the preparatory stages of your Business Start-up.

Tax Planning and Reduction Strategies

The initial task step towards the settlement of accounts is posting profits and losses on the Profit & Loss Statement for the period.

From this you can begin strategies for tax saving and generation of proceeds, so that your company can report your target profits.。
As P/L statements are used to evaluate corporate performance, the manner in which you post profits on your P/L statements will have a profound influence over;

・Corporate credibility
・Negotiations with clients or financial institutions.

Having said that, there is the obligation to pay tax according to the profits. Therefore, posting excessive profits is not always ideal from the perspective of reducing your tax burdens.
Tax planning and reduction strategies is an important task for management to achieve.
There are so many things that management must do, from tasks for the current period to ones for the next period. More than enough to perplex even experienced management.
Otsuki Tax & Accounting can offer careful support to reduce as many of these tasks as possible.

Business Consulting

We offer professional and informed consulting to achieve the desired results in a variety of circumstances.
In this constantly changing business environment, we make sound proposals for the growth of both your business assets and mid/long term profits.

Whether it be a public company or a limited company, regardless of the scope of our valued client's business, we support and provide the most valuable assistance we can.
Otsuki Tax & Accounting services and supports clients from a multitude of industries.
In short, we provide practical and valuable support, taking into consideration the unique characteristics and requirements of each particular client business.

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